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Investor-Readiness Support

Our Services

Step 1:
Goal Setting

We begin by gathering your team together and asking key questions to clarify what you wish to accomplish from fundraising and how you and (your team) will make it happen.

(2-4 weeks)

Step 2:
Financial Preparation & Assessment

With your fundraising goals clarified, we help you take a deep look at your business and gather together all the information we’ll need to develop your marketing materials and prepare for due diligence.

(4-5 weeks)

Step 3:
Materials Development & Due Diligence Prep

In this step, everything comes together and we actually create the materials you'll need to engage with investors i.e. executive summary, pitch deck, business plan, financial model & valuation, cap table etc.

(5 weeks)

Step 4:
Go To Market

At this point, we collectively begin to reach out to target investors using the executive summary and line up some meetings. We also help you and the team practice your pitch.

(4-6 weeks)

NB. All prices are listed exclusive of VAT