Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

Business Growth Advisory

Who is it for?

Can you relate with any of the following statements?:

  • I am ambitious to grow my company, but feel ‘stuck’

  • I work hard but don’t make enough progress

  • It’s hard to find the time to plan

  • We’re losing ground to competitors

  • I want a clearer picture of where we’re heading

  • I want clear steps to grow my business

  • I am serious about driving my business forwards

  • My business is at least 2-years-old, and turns over at One Million Naira a month?

If yes, our "Just One Day" business & development planning session is what you need. By the time we're done, you will have clear goals for your business that align with your personal goals. You will also have the headline actions you need to take to get there.

What happens during "Just One Day"?

On your strategy day, we invite you and all your directors/shareholders/management team to a designated location. This gives you the freedom to be physically and mentally ‘away from the office’ so you can devote your attention completely to the future of your business. No phones, laptops or e-mails!

We always start by exploring what you want from your business both personally and professionally, if anything were possible, so that the business we design together is one that you'll certainly love.

At the end of the day, we'll compile all the key outputs into a comprehensive strategic plan, which you can use to achieve the clear, precise goals we’ve developed together.

The kinds of questions we’ll examine include:

  • Why did you start your business?

  • Why does it exist and what does it really do?

  • What are your personal life goals?

  • What are your business objectives?

  • How do your personal and business goals align?

  • What do you need in your business to succeed?

  • What are the constraints, and how might they be overcome?

  • Agreeing Business Goals that align to all the business leader’s objectives

  • Understanding the team and resources in your business to succeed

  • Agree a clear high-level action plan to achieve the goals

  • Understanding your leadership team