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Outsourced Finance Function

Who is this for?

This is for growing businesses that need to implement better financial processes and systems to ensure they have accurate financial data for decision making. 

What services does Outsourced Finance Function provide?

Outsourced Finance Function gives your company everything you would expect from your bookkeeper, accountant and finance director in one convenient package.

We take over the responsibility for your numbers, handling your transactions, pulling together your accounts and filing your taxes.

We also institute tried-and-tested financial processes and controls, so that your finances are well-managed at all times, no matter who’s handling them.

Lastly, we help you interpret your financial data so you understand your exact financial position and make the best financial decisions for your future.

Services include:

  • Monthly management accounts

  • Processing Transactions

  • High-level financial advice

  • Funding and business planning

  • Payroll and compliance

  • Instituting robust controls and financial systems

  • Statutory accounts and financial and tax compliance

  • VAT returns

How does the Outsourced Finance Function help your business?

Because you know exactly where your company stands financially, you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions about where to invest and where to cut costs. As CEO, you’ll feel more in control than ever before. No more guessing games!

With a good budget and regular cashflow reports, you’ll be able to plan ahead, perhaps for the first time ever. You will no longer be exposed financially – what a relief!

And without financial emergencies to deal with, you will be able to spend more time developing your business.

The result is faster, more strategic growth.

  • Develop your business strategically

  • Know exactly where your profit lies

  • Get a reliable cash flow 

  • Trust the numbers you’re seeing

  • Make well-informed financial decisions

  • Feel in control of your finances

  • Process transactions promptly and accurately

  • Stop feeling exposed financially

  • Work to a budget that helps you achieve your goals

Why outsource, instead of hiring in-house?

While you might be tempted to believe that one in-house employee can manage all your financial matters, the fact is that you have to choose between hiring someone with low-level skills or high-level skills, so some tasks inevitably get neglected.

When you outsource your financial management to Charles Ardor & Company, you not only get a team of people with all levels of qualifications but we also come with proven financial systems and processes and world-class technology to handle your accounts. No in-house employees comes with these.

Bottom line: When you outsource, you buy in people, skills, systems and technology you can’t afford in-house, giving you an advantage:

  • Get a team with a range of skills

  • Access world-class financial software

  • Get turnkey processes and systems

  • Enjoy fixed costs

  • Outsourcers don’t take holidays or sick leave

  • Focus on what you do best, not on managing staff

  • Benefit from our experience in several industries

  • The contract is easy to terminate (not that you’ll want to!)

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