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Real-Time Accounting
& Advisory

With our all-inclusive Real-Time Accounting & Advisory service, you can rest easy knowing that the key accounting & financial management tasks for your company are being adequately handled by experienced professionals.

As a result, you will always have clear, complete & accurate financials in real-time as well as trusted advice from people who thoroughly understand your business, so you can make well-informed smarter business decisions. These services include:


  • Daily Bookkeeping (Recording of Sales & Expenses)

  • Monthly Bank Statement Reconciliations

  • Invoicing (as needed)


  • Accounts Receivable (Debtors) Management

  • Accounts Payable (Creditors) Management

  • WHT & VAT (Advisory, Calculation & Remittance ) 

  • PAYE (Advisory, Calculation & Remittance) 

  • Payroll Management (Calculation, Disbursement, Pay slips & PAYE Remittance etc.) [up to 20 employees]


  • Bi-Annual Budget

  • Weekly Cash Flow

  • KPI & Financial Trends

  • Periodic Pricing Reviews

  • Monthly Performance Review Meetings (60-mins)



  • Weekly Sales Reports

  • Monthly Income Statement (Profit or Loss)

  • Monthly Cash Flow Statement

  • Quarterly Balance Sheet

  • Annual Financial Report


  • Monthly Inventory Control [planning, tracking, valuation & stock count review]

       NB. This will require that you have an automated inventory system in place.

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